Jonas Schwartz isn’t just good at playing football.

He’s also good at playing hearts, and four years ago, he played mine like it was the easiest game of his life.

Brokenhearted, I ran off to art school, swearing to forget about my one-off secret weekend with the star quarterback.

I’d heard whispers about his injury, but I never expected Jonas to return to our hometown to rehab his knee, and I certainly never thought he’d show up on the other side of my door with a pizza in hand.

He looks good. Better than before.

Whatever—I’m over him. I’ve completely moved on.

I just wish my heart would get the memo…

This novella was previously included in the Team Player 2 Anthology.

a slice of love

by teagan hunter

This novella was originally part of the Team Player 2 Anthology, but has since been republished with BRAND NEW bonus content AND an epilogue!

A Slice of Love is a beautifully heartwarming second chance sports romance that will have you swooning the entire time you find yourself lost between the pages! Teagan Hunter is one of my favorite ROMCOM authors and it was so nice to be back in the Slice world, even if only for a little while. Her storytelling ability and character development always gives me the warm fuzzies deep inside the pit of my stomach and this story was no exception. I wholeheartedly loved Jonas and Frankie's story and how they found their way back to one another. With a love like theirs, it was destined in the stars.

Even if you haven't been introduced to the Slice world yet, this is a great introduction to a world full of LOVE and of course don't forget the PIZZA! This is the perfect story to get lost in for a few hours so make sure to pick up a copy now and fall in love with Jonas and Frankie!

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SERIES: a slice novella
GENRES: contemporary romance
RELEASE DATE: april 16, 2020