Mascen Wade, star pitcher of the Aldridge University baseball team, is a lot of things.

Hotter than sin.
The campus’s reigning bad boy.

We knew each other once upon a time, but even if I’m named after a princess, it doesn’t mean my life is a fairytale.

My plan is to keep my head down, get my degree, and leave this town.

But the moment Mascen Wade recognizes me all my carefully laid plans come crumbling down. He’s decided he wants to make my life a living hell. But I’m not so easy to push around and won’t put up with his bully playground antics. Too bad for me I’ve never been able to resist him.

bad boys break hearts

by micalea smeltzer

Bad Boys Break Hearts is a beautifully written new adult college romance that will have you nostalgic over your college days. This is a romance story all about second chances and repairing two broken hearts...two hearts that were always destined to be together, even if obstacles stood in their way. Your soul will be consumed by this love/hate relationship between Mascen Wade and Aurora "Rory" Abbott the entire time you devour every word of this fast paced romance.

Micalea Smeltzer ALWAYS manages to write the BEST romances that stick with me long after reaching the final page and let me just say that this (friends-to-)enemies-to-lovers romance was no exception. The chemistry was off the charts HOT and I absolutely adored the banter between Mascen and Rory. I just couldn't stop swooning when it came to these two! The childhood besties deserved a happily ever after and the she definitely delivered on that.

This is one of those stories that you are going to read in one sitting because it's impossible to put down. I LOVED every second of it and could not imagine their story any other way. It might have taken sometime for Mascen to remove his head from his a** because boys can be so clueless sometimes, but the moment he did...sparks were flying!

Whether this is your first Micalea Smeltzer book or not, you will recognize her attention to detail when it comes to her characters and their storyline and find yourself FALLING head over heels in LOVE with every moment of their journey!

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series: standalone
genres: new adult, sports
release date: may 24, 2020