I had a plan, and it was solid.

Track down what was hidden away and take pleasure in toying with it.
Toying with her.

It worked like a charm.
Until it didn’t.

Turned out, the feisty little thing I found was far from what I hoped for.
She was different from all I knew and more than I expected.

She was light, and I’m the bastard who led her into darkness.
But this girl... she followed with a smile.

I told her I break pretty things.
She asked me to promise.

break me

by meagan brandy

The moment that we have ALL been waiting for is FINALLY here and oh my goodness did Royce Brayshaw steal every inch of my soul and leave me utterly breathless as I inhaled the words of his epic journey that Meagan Brandy so beautifully crafted. This extraordinary author never ceases to amaze me with her unique storytelling ability that wholeheartedly captivates me and leaves me on edge the entire time.

Break Me was absolutely EVERYTHING and dare I say it, but it was hands down the BEST book in the Brayshaw world. This addictive storyline draws you right in, showing us a whole new side of Royce Brayshaw and making us fall even more in love with him and his undeniable loyalty for his family. He is one of those characters that just kept surprising me through every twist and turn throughout this entire series and I will admit I am an emotional mess right now. His story packed an emotional punch and honestly I couldn't think of a more perfect match for him than Brielle Bishop. This girl was a force to be reckon with and she brought out a whole new side of Royce that we never saw coming (at least in my opinion). I have to admit that I have a major lady boner for this one. Brielle managed to bring a BRIGHT and SHINING light to Royce's DARK and CHAOTIC world. She was the light to his darkness and I never wanted their story to end because that means saying goodbye to this epic world once and for all.

Meagan Brandy I wish that I could give this phenomenal story more than five stars because it truly deserves a higher praise than that. You made me fall completely in love with the Brayshaw world and I cannot freaking wait to see what you come up with next!

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series: brayshaw world
genres: contemporary romance
release date: november 17, 2020