I'm the pastor's son.
He's the star quarterback for a small Kentucky high school.
While the town worships him, I pray for God to take my life.
He makes my life a living hell by making me his victim.
This perverse game we play could end us both.
How can something that feels so right be so wrong?
The price if the truth is discovered is death, but I can't stop.
Neither can he.
No one can know.
Can I risk it?
Is Roman King worth dying for?

*This story is a bully romance including dubious consent, assault, talk of suicide, and is intended for readers 18+. Please proceed with caution.*

bully king

by andi jaxon

Andi Jaxon's storytelling managed to consume me wholeheartedly and left me absolutely breathless as I inhaled all the words of this beautiful and heart-wrenching love story. To be honest, the moment she started dropping hints about this book, I just knew that it was going to be one of my favorite reads of the year and she certainly exceeded every one of my expectations.

Bully King was an addictively captivating MM bully romance that took me on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns that pulled on all of my heartstrings. She knew just the right heartstrings to tug on and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS did she yank on them H-A-R-D! This story might seem like your typical bully romance (with the exception of it being an MM romance), but it's so much deeper than that. Her character development was EVERYTHING and I couldn't get enough of Roman King and Jonah Cohen. They both had their fair share of flaws that had me clutching my chest as they brought on all the feels. I didn't think that I would find myself near tears so many times while reading, but the author's words did just that.

This story took me on an emotional journey and I loved every second of it. Roman and Jonah are two of my all-time favorite characters and this couple gave me LIFE. I never wanted their story to end and I hope maybe one day we will see them again...one can only hope!

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series: standalone
genres: bully, mm romance
release date: october 15, 2020