Coaching was never this difficult...until the rookie came along.

I had no idea Amber Lakes would become a constant light in my miserable life.
Her smile isn't supposed to warm my heart and the sight of her tears isn't supposed to make me want to protect her.

We're not supposed to touch, let alone kiss. We definitely aren't supposed to exchange hidden stares while we're around each other. But I've fallen too hard for her, and despite how big the risks are, I can't seem to pull away from her now.

None of this was ever supposed to happen because she's my track student, and I'm her coach...and I could lose everything if we get caught.

**This is a standalone novel set in college with an HEA**

coach me

by shanora williams

Shanora Williams is one of my favorite QUEENS of forbidden romances and her newest release was absolutely everything that I have come to LOVE from her beautifully unique storytelling ability. Just when I think that she couldn't possibly top her previous release, she surprises us all with a story that handles real world problems, like racism towards a young female athlete.

Coach Me was a sexy and angsty age gap romance that wholeheartedly captivated my heart. That forbidden connection between our two leads sent shivers down my spine as I inhaled all the words of their steamy secret love affair. Joaquin Torres and Amber Lakes chemistry was an undeniably hot one and I felt that emotional connection they shared deep in my soul as butterflies fluttered all throughout my body. I will even admit that I have a slight lady boner for Amber and a major crush on Torres. I mean come on, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT GORGEOUS FACE GRACING THE COVER!!!

This might be a forbidden romance, but Shanora Williams makes sure to show her readers that you LOVE will conquer all and that your skin color shouldn't matter because talent is talent. She did a phenomenal job intertwining all of these elements into a beautiful love story that defies all odds! It was unbelievably PERFECT and I freaking adored every much so that I NEVER wanted it to end!

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SERIES: standalone
GENRES: new adult, sports
RELEASE DATE: may 10, 2020