Our love broke the rules.⁠

From the first stolen kiss to the last, destiny put us at odds.⁠

Now four hearts are crossed, our happily ever afters tangled in heartache.⁠

The bed I’m in doesn’t belong to my thorny prince, but the one holding his crown hostage.⁠

If my destiny with Grayson Crowne is divided, then we’ll spend a lifetime finding our happily ever after.⁠

But if a house divided never stands, then my destiny with Grayson never stood a chance….maybe we don’t need to find our destiny.⁠

We need to destroy it.⁠

As we fight to write happily ever after, the ugliest truth holds it captive.⁠

The princess has a destiny with the villain too.⁠

Even if she hates it.⁠

Even when it’s wrong.⁠

destroyed destiny

by mary catherine gebhard

Mary Catherine Gebhard has managed to DESTROY every piece of my soul with her emotionally gut-wrenching storytelling ability that has left me utterly breathless as I inhaled all the words of this epic tale. Story Hale and Grayson Crowne’s journey has not been an easy one by any means and at times my heart ached so painfully that I didn’t know if these two lost and broken souls would ever get the happily ever after they so deserved. The chaotic world of Crowne Point is a twisted and f*cked up one that will test your limits and bury itself deep in your veins and send your emotions into overdrive. You will find yourself absolutely addicted to this unique storyline and these characters right from the very beginning.

Destroyed Destiny is the HIGHLY anticipated conclusion to Story and Gray’s epic journey and all I can say is that it has been a CRAZY rollercoaster ride of jaw dropping moments since their very first encounter. This beautifully poetic tale will pull on all of your heartstrings and have butterflies flutter all throughout your body. These two should have NEVER crossed paths the way they had, but of course life had other plans in mind for them and it was as if destiny wanted them to meet. These two stolen soulmates faced a forbidden fate in order to reach their (destroyed) destiny. Throughout all their struggles, I had ALMOST given up hope on them truly finding a way to be together with so many obstacles standing in their way. That feeling of angst consumed me completely and I just couldn’t catch my breath because it felt as if my heart was shattering into a million pieces and that the broken shards were cutting me so deep in my soul that it would be impossible for it to ever be the same again.

Mary Catherine Gebhard knows how to keep her readers on their toes with the intensity she so beautifully crafted throughout her writing. Story and Gray’s trilogy was perfectly intertwined within the Crowne Point series and I am so FREAKING glad that we got three stories from them because there is no freaking way that they could have been contained in just one. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the Crowne Point series has to offer!

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series: crowne point #4
genres: contemporary romance
release date: november 25, 2020