You know how in college there’s that one guy everyone wants to be?

That’s me.

I’m the top dog.
The number one.
The big man on campus.

Some say those things are solid wins.
My new tutor would disagree.

My title means nothing to her.
My status lost on her.

And now my mind? That sucker is stuck on her.

She was told to make our sessions priority over all, to drop everything when I need her, and come to me. She does.

But I don’t want to steal her time anymore.
I want to earn it.

If anyone can do that, it’s me.

I’m Tobias Cruz, the king of the curveball. I don’t lose.
Not the game, and surely not the girl.

Little did I know, this girl has a secret...and it’s the dirtiest curve yet.

dirty curve

by meagan brandy

Dirty Curve is without a doubt one of the BEST books that I have read in awhile and I knew the moment I started reading it that Meagan Brandy was going to make me fall even more in love with her storytelling ability with this breathtakingly beautiful love story that consumed me wholeheartedly!

Tobias Cruz and Meyer Sanders had that PERFECT opposites attract kind of chemistry that pulled just right on your heartstrings. This angsty romance had me swooning through every twist and turn, leaving me right on the edge of my seat with each new surprise that the author threw at us. Just when you thought you had the storyline all figured out, you are left completely speechless. The emotion and angst that Meagan Brandy packed into this story was absolutely addictive and I just couldn't get enough of these two.

This story is a MUST read and let me just say that you are all going to LOVE Tobias and Meyer so FREAKING much!

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series: standalone
genres/tropes: contemporary romance, sports
release date: august 27, 2021