Adrianna and Kova let caution fly for love despite the odds. Each lesson learned formed a new scar for them to bear. And now that her father knows their secret, the damage left behind is irreparable. They both must pay for their actions.

Torn apart, Adrianna is forced to face the last challenge of her gymnastics career alone. While Kova, the beautifully anguished man who has been at Adrianna's mercy giving her everything she’s demanded, has no choice but to walk away.

Adrianna and Kova survived deception and betrayal. Now they face their greatest enemy. Time. With just one hurdle left, the clock is winding down to the final moment. Adrianna must soon realize life is more than an Olympic dream. But in order to live and salvage them both, she will first have to save herself.


by lucia franco

Lucia Franco has taken her readers on an emotionally gut-wrenching journey throughout the course of the Off Balance series and with each new release I didn't know if my heart was going to survive the intense moments that she was constantly throwing our way and at times it almost felt like it was only seconds away from exploding into a million tiny pieces!

Dismount was the perfect end to this series and I am so grateful that I decided to jump on this adventure of a lifetime. Lucia Franco has kept her readers on the edge of their seats the ENTIRE time. The writing was beautifully flawless and captivated me wholeheartedly throughout every twist and turn. The anticipation and angst of what was going to happen next was painfully intense in the best way possible. They had me swooning one moment and bawling my eyes out in the next (so I will just say this...MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BOX OR TWO OF TISSUE nearby because you will need them)!

It was a bittersweet moment to FINALLY get my hands on the last book in Off Balance series because although I have been eagerly anticipating the end of this series, nothing could have prepared me for the emotions that I experienced when saying goodbye to Ria and Kova. Their journey was absolutely EVERYTHING that I could have ever wanted! It gave me all the feels and I don't think that I will EVER be able to find another book couple that will make me feel this way again because these two have completely stolen my heart and soul.

Oh and just in case you have forgotten...I am FOREVER and ALWAYS team KOVA for life!

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series: off balance #5
genres: forbidden, sports
release date: july 17, 2020