That’s what we are.
That’s what we agreed to be.

I thought it would be harder, convincing everyone our school’s star receiver was mine and mine alone, but we played our parts well.

So well, the lines between us began to blur until they disappeared completely.

The thing about pretending, though, someone’s always better at it, and by the time I realized my mistake, there was no going back.

I fell for our lie.
And then everything fell apart.

It turned out, he and I were never playing the same game.

He didn’t have to break me to win.
But he did it anyway.

fake it 'til you break it

by meagan brandy

Meagan Brandy is one of my favorite authors and when I heard she was giving her readers something a little different (and a standalone) than her previous releases (the Brayshaw High series) I just knew that I needed to get my hands on it ASAP and thank goodness I did not have to wait long at all!

Fake It 'Til You Break It by Meagan Brandy was a swoon-worthy romance with just the perfect amount of angst that had me captivated from the very beginning. Nico and Demi's story was absolutely phenomenal and that fake relationship aspect had me falling wholeheartedly in love with these two at the same time their love connection was forming right before our (reading) eyes. Their chemistry was BEYOND intense and I found myself inhaling all the words within a matter of hours because I could not put it down because I NEEDED to know how their story unfolded. These two are total opposites and yet that simple fact alone just seems to intensify their chemistry even more.

This was one of her best books to date (although honestly all of her books are incredible and I freaking love them) and it is definitely one of my top reads of 2020! If you've read her before than you will LOVE this story and if you haven't read her before than this story is a great place to start! I strongly recommend checking this story out...like ONE-CLICK your copy RIGHT NOW!!!

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SERIES: standalone
GENRES: new adult, romance
RELEASE DATE: february 5, 2020