Kissing her best friend on a dare wasn't in Abigail’s plans. Especially not in a linen closet on the last night of summer break. What started as an ordinary sleepover was suddenly the beginning of a romance neither of them saw coming. But the devastating tragedy that followed… tore them apart before they ever began.

Rhett’s life changed in the blink of an eye. One moment he was ready to charge the halls the first day of high school, hand-in-hand with his dream girl. And then the next moment, his heart was ripping into pieces. The one person capable of healing it…disappeared without a trace.

Years later, Abigail and Rhett are back under each other’s noses, testing the possibility of a new friendship. When buried feelings from the past arise, Rhett is forced with a choice. Happily accept Abigail’s friendship… or fight to win back his dream girl’s heart before it’s too late. Because this time, he might just be playing for keeps.

series: standalone
genres: new adult, contemporary romance
release date: july 9, 2020

for keeps

by halston hart

review coming soon...

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