I only had one rule: don’t fall in love with the cruel prince.

I broke it.

When the clock struck twelve, I went back to being a servant. He promised to let me go with my heart in pieces...but Grayson Crowne always was king at breaking promises.

I refuse to let him lock me in a tower.

I have no choice but to take the only out offered me—another cruel prince.

Refuge in a man I loathe.

Rescued from the man I love.

I wanted to forget Grayson, forget Crowne Hall, and hide, however fate has other plans.

But if Grayson and I are fated, then our fate is forbidden.

Our happily ever after will only end one way...in heartbreak.

**Forbidden Fate is the third book in the Crowne Point universe. You need to have read Stolen Soulmate to read Forbidden Fate.**

forbidden fate

by mary catherine gebhard

Mary Catherine Gebhard has shattered my soul, like full on obliterated every inch of it with her words and my emotions have been all over the place ever since first diving into the chaotic world of Crowne Point. It's one of those twisted book worlds that leaves you completely breathless as it finds its way deep into your veins, sending you into an emotional tailspin that will leave you in a state of unknown long after reaching the last page...or so you think.

Story Hale and Grayson "Gray" Crowne's emotionally gut-wrenching journey continues in Forbidden Fate and you all better prepare yourself for a CRAZY rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns that will forever change you. Their love may be tragically flawed and forbidden, but I just couldn't imagine their story any other way. These two will ruin one another in ways we never thought possible, but I know in my gut that they are without a doubt destined to have their happily ever after moment, even if it seems like it will NEVER happen.

The entire time I was inhaling all the words of this soul crushing tale my heart ached, an intense ache that left me feeling completely out of control. ACTUALLY rewind that little statement because WHAT THE F*CK am I saying, my heart didn't just ache, it is barely hanging on by a thread at this point and I just don't know if I will ever be the same again once Story and Gray's story finally reaches it's end. Since I don't want to give too much away, I will just say that you better hold on tight to your soul because the author will attempt (and succeed) to steal it.

Mary Catherine Gebhard just know that I am eagerly anticipating your next release and I don't know how I am supposed to wait, especially now...I just cannot FREAKING wait!

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SERIES: crowne point #3
GENRES: romance
RELEASE DATE: may 28, 2020