There’s no halftime in hockey, but maybe there’s one in love…

Drunk dialing your girlfriend to tell her that you didn’t really cheat is a bad idea--a lesson Seb Hunter learned the hard way. It was no surprise when she cut him completely out of her life. Now he’s finally moved on, and he’s looking forward to sophomore year at Moo U. Until his ex arrives on campus.

For goalie Faith Devereaux, cheating is a hard pass. She grew up knowing all too well how destructive infidelity can be. She’s gotten over Seb and picked the college of her dreams. The fact that he’s a student there will not be a problem. Hockey is her priority. Not guys, not dating, definitely not exes.

But when an exhibition game forces them into close proximity, it isn’t long before their old attraction flares. Regaining trust is hard, though, when the heart plays a good defensive game.

But when the goal is love, one more shot might be all they need.


by kim findlay

Halftime by Kim Findlay is the sixth interconnected standalone in the MOO U series (connected to Sarina Bowen's World of True North universe) and I absolutely adored both the hero, Sebastien "Seb" Hunter and the heroine, Faith Devereaux. These two were so freaking adorable and I loved that both of them were hockey players. I don't know what it is, but there is just something I love about to incredible athletes who fall in love. The author did a phenomenal job showcasing both the male and female MOO U hockey teams equally throughout the storyline so that we had the chance to experience both characters in their element. This second chance romance is full of angsty moments about learning to trust and working through unresolved issues that led to the initial end to their relationship.

Seb Hunter destroyed his long distance relationship his freshman year with a drunken late night call that led to the biggest misunderstanding and ultimately the end to his relationship. A year later, he has finally moved on and is in a new relationship, but when his ex shows up on campus as a goalie on the girl's MOO U hockey team, he is soon back to wishing things had turned out differently. When his romantic feelings for Faith resurface, he knows he needs to convince her what she thinks happened, never actually happened.

Faith Devereaux had her heart shattered a year ago when her boyfriend calls her in a drunken state, making little to no sense as a misunderstanding leads to the end of their relationship and a broken heart. Even though her ex attends MOO U, she chooses to accept a spot on the girl's hockey team. When they run into each other, sparks begin to fly again and those feelings start to come back. Faith needs to learn to trust Seb again if they are ever going to get their happily ever after.

This story was a great addition to the MOO U series and I once again get to add another new-to-me author to my list. It's amazing how many author's I have discovered through this world and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

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series: moo u #6
genres: new adult romance, sports
release date: april 26, 2021