I never considered myself a selfish man until I met Lawrence “Ren” McKinley.

When pro baseball’s “would have been” becomes Exeter High’s newest coach, it takes one look of those flirty brown eyes and cocky smile before everything changes.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted out of life until he walked into it.

Now, the only thing I know for sure is that I don’t want Lawrence McKinley to pay attention to anybody but me.

*If I Could is an M/M standalone romance featuring two characters from previous books.*

series: companion novel (underneath the sycamore tree & color me pretty)
genres: mm romance
release date: august 29, 2020

if i could

by b. celeste

My girl B. Celeste is about to pop some MM romance cherries and I am so freaking proud of her for taking this leap to give her fans something completely different from her norm. If you are a fan of this author (i.e., you've been reading her since the beginning), then you will definitely recognize her two sexy leading men, Reece Nichols (Underneath the Sycamore Tree) and Lawrence “Ren” McKinley (from Color Me Pretty). Both of these characters intrigued me in their first appearances and I knew that I wanted more of them, but I never expected to get them both in the same book. They were so perfectly matched and that slow burn feel they had was EVERYTHING!

If I Could was a beautiful and emotional journey about two men finding their way towards happily ever after while discover themselves along the way. It was a slow and swoon-worthy romance that captured my heart and soul, leaving me utterly speechless as I devoured all the words of this epic tale. Reece and Ren were perhaps the cutest couple ever and I absolutely adored how their relationship grew throughout the story. Their chemistry was evident right from the beginning, but I loved that the author decided to give us a slow build up. They were friends first, forming a deep connection that led to them to an even deeper connection as lovers. Their romances was one of a kind and it gave me all the feels!

Whether you are a longtime fan of MM romance or this is your first taste, If I Could, is the PERFECT book for you!

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