It all starts with a one-night stand...


It was only supposed to be a little ink. A parting gift to myself from myself. Because when your girlfriend dumps you for a famous rockstar, you leave. You move on. You get the hell out of town and forget all about her. But I never counted on Amanda. Or the night we shared. Or the mark she left when she put her ink on my skin.

I have to go back. For her.


There are three things I know about Nick: he’s cocky, he’s amazing in bed, and he’s the father of my unborn baby. When he walked into the shop, smelling like heaven, wanting his first tattoo, I should have refused his business. Because I knew the moment I set eyes on him, I didn’t stand a chance. Still, I fell down the rabbit-hole with him.

Now he’s back in town. With no clue I’m pregnant. When I’m forced to tell him, I tell him it isn’t his. Because he left once, he could easily leave again. And guys like Nick, they don’t stick around for girls like me.

series: kill devil ink #1
genres: contemporary romance
release date: july 13, 2020


by sarah darlington

Inked is the first book in Sarah Darlington's newest spin-off series, Kill Devil Ink! When she announced that she was once again bringing us back to Kill Devil Hills, I couldn't have been more excited because I freaking love this world that she has created for her readers, a world that I have been in love with since the very beginning!

Nick and Amanda's journey begins with a sea turtle tattoo on his butt cheek and a one-night-stand that leads to a special little surprise and a deep connection that neither one of them ever expected. Their romance is fast paced and messy at times, but one that I loved every second of. In all honesty my one and ONLY complaint really is that I didn't want their story to end. However, I still found myself devouring the words in one sitting because I couldn't put it down, which ALWAYS happens when it comes to Sarah Darlington's words. Her storylines captivate my attention and her characters my heart. She knows how to get me hook, line and sinker every single time!

Whether this is your first book from Sarah Darlington, or you have read them all (LIKE ME), you won't be able to put it down! I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the Kill Devil Ink series, especially if the couple is who I think they are! We already get to see a glimpse into their relationship in, Inked, and I am BEYOND excited to experience the journey of the next couple in the series. It should be an interesting pairing and the growth of the characters will be so FUN to see!

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