Jasper rolled into my life like a loose wagon wheel—taking out everything in his path just to get to me. It was all for show, until it wasn’t. No part of me was prepared to be swept away. After all, gravity is supposed to keep us grounded. He had other plans, and didn’t give a damn about the chaos we were about to unleash. They say secrets are like a silent death. Only, I never knew the depth of it until now.

I never saw Blakely coming, but when I did, there was no chance I was letting her get away. She’s a walking disaster, always leaving a trail of smoke in her wake. And me? I’m the sorry bastard who kept following her—that is, until she sucked the air right out of my lungs, just to keep her own filled. She’s a queen through and through. A spoiled rich girl that reaps no consequences, until she did. I’m that consequence, and I know her dirty little secret.

like gravity

by rachel leigh

Like Gravity, the first book in the Redwood High series, was an angsty and heart-wrenchingly raw romance that gripped every inch of my soul that drew me in right from the start. The moment that I dove in, I found myself deeply lost among the pages and wholeheartedly invested in these characters and their complicated journeys.

Blakely Porter and Jasper Scott's story was an enemies-to-lovers romance at its finest and I freaking loved every second of their journey. Their chemistry lit my kindle on FIRE and I felt this aching burn in my chest the entire time I devoured their story. I adored the push and pull approach that the author took and the suspense that she intertwined throughout the pages. There was amazing depth in this coming of age story and I appreciated the growth that these characters experienced throughout. Everything about this story captivated me and there wasn't a single dull moment between these two.

The first book in the Redwood High series was amazing and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has to hold...which luckily I am about to find out because I am diving right into the next book, Like You!

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series: redwood high #1
genres: coming of age, romance
release date: march 28, 2020