Don’t fall for your enemy…especially when he’s your new roommate.

Dean Evans is the worst.
Not only does the devil in disguise steal my pie on a regular basis, he also lives in the apartment right. Next. Door.
I see him all the time. At the mailboxes. In the elevator.
Every single morning.
It's exhausting because he's exhausting.

Now, after setting his apartment on fire, he's my roommate...and he's the worst at that too.

I don't know what possessed me to let him stay with me. Pity, perhaps?
I do know that I won't be falling for his charm.
Or that panty-dropping smirk.
His quick wit.
That body he works so hard for.

Nope. Not falling for any of it...least of all him.

There might be a fine line between love and hate, but I know exactly where I stand.

series: roommate romps #1
genres: contemporary romance, romcom
release date: september 15, 2020

loathe thy neighbor

by teagan hunter

Teagan Hunter is back with a brand new series, ROOMMATE ROMPS, and once again I find myself hopelessly in LOVE with her unique voice when it comes to her characters and their storylines. She's one of those storytellers that will have you lost among the world she creates for her characters, the kind of world that will have you feeling right at home from beginning to end as you devour all the words.

Loathe Thy Neighbor is the first book in this hilarious new series and the PERFECT introduction into this brand new world. River and Dean had that undeniable heart stopping chemistry that had me swooning. Their back and forth banter was absolutely EVERYTHING that I could have asked for. It was one of those laugh out loud romantic comedies with that enemies-to-lovers twist that had me inhaling this extraordinarily addictive story in one sitting because I could NOT put it down. There wasn't a single dull moment throughout and I totally called it that Dean and River both had strong feelings right from the start, even if they both wanted to deny it. Denying it just makes it so much more real.

Readers are going to find themselves falling in love with every moment of this series and I know that I cannot FREAKING wait to get my hands on the next book in this AMAZING standalone series. These roommate tales are about to steal my heart and it will NEVER be the same again! Teagan Hunter knows how to get her readers excited and I just know that she will ALWAYS be on the top of my one-click list, especially if she keeps writing addictive stories and characters!

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