Promises will be broken. Love will be tested.

Cassy Evans knows a thing or two about secrets. By juggling work and a hidden relationship with the world’s biggest rock star for months, she’s become an expert.

However, being with Frank comes at a price. Seven years after the accident that almost ended everything, his trauma still haunts him. Determined to get back on stage, the man known to the world as Frankie Blade would do anything to ensure the success of his band’s reunion. But when one rash decision puts his entire career on the line, it’s not clear if he can recover from it.

As Frank spirals out of control, pushing Cassy away, she has to face the reality of what they’ve become. He’s harder to love than she imagined. Her common sense tells her severing all ties with him is the right choice.

Problem is, she can’t leave without her heart. And Frank doesn’t want to give it back.

One Last Verse is the conclusion of Frankie and Cassy’s story. It should be read after Final Serenade.

one last verse

by n.n. britt

N.N. Britt managed to leave me utterly speechless with the conclusion of Cassy and Frankie's epic love story. Her breathtaking words make you feel things that you never thought possible and it's as if you are experiencing every emotion right alongside those unique characters.

The Encore Duet were two of my most anticipated reads of 2020 and I must applaud the author for writing this brilliantly captivating secret love affair that left me on edge the entire time I devoured all the words. These emotionally gripping tales engulfed every inch of my soul and I couldn't get enough of this couple. I absolutely loved every moment of Cassy and Frankie's angsty journey and I don't think my heartstrings will ever be the same. Their chemistry was wild and explosive, causing an ache deep in my heart that may never go away and I just know that these two will go down in history as one of my favorite book couples.

The second I reached that "what the f*ck" cliffhanger ending in Final Serenade, I just knew that I needed to get my hands on One Last Verse as quickly as possible. N.N. Britt being the amazingly kind author that she is, did not make us wait too long and before I knew it I found myself falling even deeper in LOVE with these two. Their story was an experience, one that will break your heart more times than you could even begin to imagine and that emotional rollercoaster was intense through every twist and turn! This was the PERFECT conclusion and I kinda (okay I really FREAKING) hope to see some of these characters in her future releases because I couldn't get enough of them!

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SERIES: the encore duet #2
GENRES: new adult, romance
RELEASE DATE: may 14, 2020