That awkward moment when an ER doctor has to inform you that you’re pregnant…with his baby.

Three things Lynsey Jones knows about the hot doctor: he’s grouchy, an arrogant jerk, and strangely obsessed with pie.

Three things Dr. Dick knows: he doesn’t talk about his past, he doesn’t do relationships, and the crazy girl in the hospital cafeteria who ate a fistful of French silk pie…is annoyingly irresistible.

After a chance meetup at a bar and a heated cab ride together, things come to a head and now instead of hating each other, they’re horizontal in a bed.

Three months later, the weird cafeteria stalker who crept out of Dr. Dick’s house like a thief in the night, winds up as his patient in the ER after her Tinder date from hell.

Dr. Dick is prepared to keep it cool and professional. That is until her bloodwork reveals that she’s pregnant.

What really throws him for a loop…is that the surprise baby…is his.

one moment please

by amy daws

Romantic comedies are addictive and Amy Daws definitely keeps her readers on their toes with another unexpected storyline that pulls on all of your heartstrings! Her stories are ALWAYS filled with laugh out loud moments and just the perfect amount of angst that leaves you swooning in overdrive the entire time you find yourself lost in the words and this awesome group of friends.

One Moment Please was one of the BEST surprise pregnancy romcoms that I have EVER read and I was so excited to FINALLY get my hands on Lynsey's story, especially after getting to know her in the previous two releases in the standalone Wait With Me series. She was definitely one of those characters that intrigued me and I just knew that her story was going to be good! AND if you thought being inspired in a Tire Depot waiting room was CRAZY weird then you haven't seen nothing yet because the hospital cafeteria is the new HOT SPOT. I mean when inspiration strikes you have to SEIZE THE MOMENT and finish that thesis, even if Dr. Dick tries to ruin it (and that awesome slice of pie) for you.

With her thesis FINALLY completed, there is nothing left to do except celebrate with a night on the town. Looking to get Dr. Dick out of her mind, the last thing she anticipates is falling into bed with him and getting a huge SURPRISE a few months later. She never expected to see Dr. Dick...oops I mean Dr. Josh Richardson ever again and she definitely did NOT expect for him to confirm the news of her pregnancy and that he happens to be the BABY DADDY too. Suddenly their lives are turned completely upside down and things are about to get REAL and you are all going to fall in love with their complicated journey!

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SERIES: wait with me #3
GENRES: contemporary romance
RELEASE DATE: april 9, 2020