When I’m thinner, no one will make fun of me
When I’m thinner, I’ll be accepted
When I’m thinner, I’ll be beautiful
When I’m thinner, I’ll be happy
When I’m thinner, I’ll be loved, and adored
When I’m thinner, I’ll like myself
I can’t wait until I’m perfectly thin.

perfectly thin

by margaret mcHeyzer

Perfectly Thin by Margaret McHeyzer is not an easy story to read and it will test you in ways that you never thought possible, but it is a story that needed to be told and the author did a brilliant job doing so. This story captivated every inch of my soul and twisted it so beyond repair that I don't think it will ever be the same again. It was an emotionally gut-wrenching journey that brought tears to my eyes and engulfed my heart so tightly that I found myself struggling to breathe. There were even moments that I considered putting this book down and never picking it up again because it felt as if it was physically hurting me to continue. And yet I couldn't not finish it because this story consumed me and the pain that I endured while inhaling all the words was worth it.

Jane's story takes readers on an emotional journey that sadly holds control over many lives. Her story starts off so simple, just a young woman determined to drop a few pounds to gain some confidence in herself. Sadly her weight loss becomes an obsession and suddenly the dark voices take over and she no longer sees things for what they are. Eating disorders impact many lives and it's heartbreaking to watch someone you love suffering through this difficult experience. They have no control and only those strong enough to get help survive, which is so gut-wrenching to think about that it brings tears to my eyes.

Margaret McHeyzer managed to take what was happening to her main character, Jane, and give those suffering a sense of hope that they can fight those dark voices and begin to heal. Like I mentioned, this story is NOT an easy read and it will push you to your limits, but it is a story that shows us just how strong those suffering from eating disorders can truly be. This story caused me to feel ways that I have never felt before and it has forever changed me.

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series: standalone
genres: coming of age
release date: october 18, 2020