Rude boys play best.

I’ve always known how to make girls fall to their knees.
When I open my mouth and play my music, they line up to scream my name.
Cole Travis, rock star and high school legend.
Fans beg me for a dirty smile and a filthy kiss.
And I give them everything they could ever want.
All these years, I thought it was enough.
Until her.
Monica Romero, the new girl whose wistful eyes hide a closed-off heart.
A heart I know belongs to me but one I can never have.
She doesn’t know me.
My band.
My reputation.
Not even my name.
But she will remember me…
Because if I can’t have her…
No one will.

rowdy boy

by clarissa wild

Rowdy Boy by Clarissa Wild was an addictive enemies-to-lovers bully romance that brought on all the angst as I was completely captivated by every moment of this intense story. Monica and Cole's chemistry was there right from the very beginning and I just couldn't get enough of their journey as I inhaled all of the words. Both of these characters dealt with their own personal struggles that defied who they were and the events that led them to each other. Their struggles managed to touch my soul in ways I never anticipated and left me enthralled the entire time. That push and pull feeling that they caused deep in my chest had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation what would happen next.

Sure there were some moments in this story that I didn't necessarily love and at times I wanted to scream at BOTH Monica and Cole for the actions they took, but overall I really enjoyed their story. While this happens to be the first book that I have read from Clarissa Wild, it certainly won't be the last because now that I've gotten a glimpse at Sam and Nate, I can't wait to check out how their story began in, Cruel Boy. The author did a great job setting the stage for the future books in the Black Mountain Academy series, a multi-author collection of standalone books set at this elite high school that shall certainly hold some interesting secrets!

This story can definitely be read and enjoyed as a complete standalone, but I am so ready for more stories to come and the opportunity to discover some new authors. It should be a fun few months and I can't wait to eventually read them all, plus more books from Clarissa Wild.

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series: black mountain academy
genres: coming of age, bully
release date: october 1, 2020