He was my foster brother.
He swore to protect me.
He failed.
They all failed.
I’m an open box of passé photographs, snapped in chaste daylight, but filtered in sepia. I’m the past that he tried to forget, and he was the future I needed. When he left six years ago, I screamed for him every night. But then it all stopped. My screams were suddenly muffled by cruelty, and further coaxed by pain.
But he has come back. He’s not the cute big brother I had a furtive crush on, or the bad boy, rich brat that I hated to love.
He’s the ruthless vice president of Wolf Pack MC, and he doesn’t answer to Royce Kane anymore.
He answers to Sicko.

series: standalone
genres: new adult, suspense
release date: september 1, 2020


by amo jones

Amo Jones what the ever loving f*ck have you done to me? You have completely obliterated my soul and left me in a major book hangover funk with this twist tale. This is without a doubt one of those reads that I suggest going in completely BLIND because it just adds to the intensity that this story has to offer. The angst between Royce (Sicko) and Jade had my heart screaming HOLY F*CKING SH*T as I inhaled all the words of this dark romance. This story wholeheartedly consumed me and I found myself right on the edge ready to fall into the unknown with these two.

Sicko was a beautifully raw and twisted forbidden romance between foster siblings that will give you all the feels as the pieces of their story begin to fall in place. Every second of this story took me on a WILD ride and it was nearly impossible to put it down. Amo Jones is the kind of author that will test your limits time and time again, and yet you will NEVER be able to get enough of her words. This story definitely ranks at the top of my list when it comes to this author. She has a unique storytelling voice and I am ALWAYS left speechless when it comes to each new release.

If you like a story that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with some insanely mindf*ck moments, then Sicko is the book for you!

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