Dandelion Meadows is cursed.
Horrible name.
Horrible luck.

At eighteen she should be headed off to college, all smiles and naivety.

Instead, a victim of a school shooting, she’s starting her senior year in a new city and living with her brother.

Nightmares of that terrible day haunt her, affecting her daily life and the relationships around her. Forced to meet with the school counselor, Dani finds him chipping away at the walls she’s built around herself, and even her heart.

Lachlan Taylor doesn’t know what to make at first of the broken student he’s tasked with helping. She’s survived a trauma he’s not sure he can save her from, but he knows he has to try.

The more time they spend together, the more they learn about what it really means to live.

Some things are forbidden.

Some things are necessary for survival.

Their love is both.

sweet dandelion

by micalea smeltzer

Sweet Dandelion by Micalea Smeltzer was a beautifully tragic and angsty as f*ck forbidden romance that wholeheartedly captivated every inch of my soul. My heart gave off this painfully intense ache the entire time I was reading and it has yet to disappear even weeks after reaching the end. The author’s storytelling ability will cause you to experience an emotional overload as you devour all of the words of this addictive tale. You will laugh, cry, swoon, and shout out in frustration more time than you can count throughout this unique journey of healing.

Dandelion “Dani” Meadows and Lachlan Taylor have stolen a special place in my heart and I never wanted their story to reach its end. Their love was destined to be complicated and those heartbreaking moments left me breathless at times. Lachlan had my entire body swooning in overdrive because of his compassionate demeanor towards Dani. I mean come on, why do all the good guys have to be fictional? I want my very own Mr. Taylor and I want to one day find a man who make me feel as loved as he made Dani feel. One can only hope! Their journey will test even the strongest and you will surely find yourself overwhelmed by the emotions you will experience.

This story was EVERYTHING and I am so FREAKING excited that you all can FINALLY get your hands on one of my TOP READS of 2020! This is hands down one of Micalea Smeltzer’s best stories to date and it makes me so happy to see how far she has come as a storyteller over the years. With each new release, I find myself falling even more in love with her writing and the characters she is creating for us. Make sure to clear your ENTIRE scheduled for the day so you can read all the words in one sitting because you won’t be able to put it down!!!

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series: standalone
genres/tropes: contemporary romance
release date: march 22, 2020