She's the only woman I've ever wanted--and she's been taken from me.

Olympus is falling and Brigit is gone.

I'll burn down the city to find her.

But I might burn with it...

Sweeter Than Sin is the second in an intense new trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde. Richer Than God must be read first.

series: richer than sin trilogy #2
genres: contemporary romance
release date: september 22, 2020

sweeter than sin

by amelia wilde

Amelia Wilde wholeheartedly obliterated the deepest inches of my soul with the second installment in her addictive Richer Than God Trilogy and I couldn't put down this deliciously scandalous story, not even for a second. This is one of those reads where you will find yourself lost completely among the pages screaming in frustration one minute and fanning yourself off in the next. Her words once again ignited a fire in the center of my chest, leaving my absolutely breathless as I inhaled all the words.

Zeus is still one of THE hottest alpha asshole I have read to date, but we got to see a slightly sweeter (pun totally intended) side of him in the second book. Although he often denies his feelings for Brigit, you can see just how much he cares by the sacrifices that he is willing to make in order to protect her. Their connection was absolutely EVERYTHING and my entire body swooned as their feelings continued to blossom. In the end I really freaking hope that they find a way to push past their insecurities and fully give themselves to one another. They are the most perfect match ever and I feel that they BOTH deserve a happily ever after together.

Sweeter Than Sin was a phenomenal follow up to Richer Than God AND now I cannot wait to get my hands on the last book in this EPIC trilogy because I JUST have to know what happens next. Amelia Wilde left us with a ton of questions and I for one am SO ready to dive back into the world of Zeus and Brigit as soon as humanely possible. Honestly I think I was ready for their entire story the moment I began. This author is an extraordinary storyteller that captivates her audience with the words of this beautifully dark and sexy romance that gives us just the perfect dose of suspense that will keep us guessing what unseen dangers lurk around the corner until the very end. AND what an intense ending it will surely be!

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