When I envisioned Zara Logan dropping to her knees in front of me, this wasn’t what I had in mind...

I was expecting a lot less glaring and a lot more moaning.

Instead, she's proposing an enticing deal that I can't bear to walk away from.

To land one of the city’s biggest clients, she wants us to put our differences aside and play fake fiancés for the next thirty days.

So, I slip the diamond ring onto her finger and agree to play the perfect fiancé. How hard can this be?

A hell of a lot harder than I thought...

She’s infuriatingly stubborn and she thinks I’m a cocky jerk with an enormous ego. (She’s right, but I can definitely back it up...)

As our long days stretch into even later nights, it’s getting harder to remember we’re only playing pretend, which means one thing.

She won’t be faking it for long…

the proposal

by maya hughes

Maya Hughes takes her readers on a new adventure with the first book in her brand new, SWANK series and I absolutely loved every second of it! Her writing once again captures me wholeheartedly the entire time I find myself lost among the pages and I quickly found myself devouring every word in only a matter of hours. It was one of those reads that I couldn't put down and I found myself flipping to the next page because I needed to see what happened next between the hero and heroine of the story!

The Proposal was a hilariously witty contemporary romance that had me laughing and swooning all at the same time. The banter between Zara and Leo gave me LIFE and I was living for all of their interactions. It was intriguing to see the development and growth of their relationship from enemies-to-lovers in this sexy and steamy fake fiancé romance. Their wasn't a single dull moment throughout and this is yet another reason why Maya Hughes is one of my favorite authors. She ALWAYS manages to create unique characters that steal my piece of my heart!

This story is a MUST read and I am already eagerly anticipating the next release in this brand new series because it is sure to be another amazing one!

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series: SWANK #1
genres: romance
release date: july 16, 2020