“Tragedy brought us together, but something stronger made me want to stay.”

Julian was the boy next door. My brother’s best friend, he fit with my family in ways I never could. While he and Rhett went on to play house, I left the only life I knew, desperate for a fresh start.

Until everything changed.

Heartache came along, and the aftermath of my brother’s death was here to stay. I was now face to face with Julian more than I ever wanted to be.

Being around him brought up all my insecurities, forced me to deal with hard truths, and conjured up feelings I had no business entertaining. He wasn’t the man I thought I knew. He was complex and layered, and inherently beautiful in all the ways I’d never noticed.

Not on another person.
Not on another man.
Not until him.

without you

by marley valentine

Marley Valentine’s storytelling ability was absolutely flawless and she ignited every part of my body as I devoured this addictively captivating M/M romance. Ever since reading her very first M/M romance last year, I have been begging her to write more books in this genre and she FINALLY gave me…I mean us, exactly what we wanted!

Without You is a MUST read for all fans of M/M romance! Not a fan? Haven’t tried M/M before? I totally recommend diving into this story even if those obtain to you because by the time you reach the end, YOU WILL BE! Instantly I found myself falling into a deep connection with our two leading men, Deacon and Julian, and my heart wept for the loss they had to endured that led to their connection. The author’s storytelling ability was breathtakingly phenomenal and I couldn’t get enough of the emotional connection that was formed throughout the course of the story. Every moment that these two spent together had my heart swooning in overdrive the entire time. These two gave me LIFE and I don’t think I will every let them go! They are FOREVER and ALWAYS part of my heart. Their story was so beautiful and it had me smiling wide as I inhaled all of the words.

[Oh and in case you are wondering the name of that book I mentioned is DEVILRY and if you have yet to read it make sure to do so like RIGHT AWAY because this story proves how PERFECTLY matched she is with this genre and why she should totally give us more M/M romance…like yesterday 😉]

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series: standalone
genres/tropes: contemporary romance, m/m
release date: march 13, 2020