My name is Carter Trayland,
And I really screwed up.

I should’ve ended things before they began.
Instead, I wound up in a twisted love triangle,
One that I never wanted to be a part of.

The wrong choice sent my life on a whirlwind.
A woman I forced myself to love is dead.
My best friend was nearly blamed for her murder.
And the one I’ve always wanted, now wants revenge.

Her favorite person is gone, and she thinks it’s my fault.
I’m not about to correct her either.
Not when the reality is so much worse.

She can’t find out the truth of what happened.
Knowing would ruin her in ways I can’t fathom.
If blaming me is her way of coping, I’ll gladly carry that burden.

Because Tyeler Morgan is the one girl I’d protect at all costs.

wreck my plans

by kelsey clayton

Kelsey Clayton's storytelling is breathtakingly brilliant and I absolutely love the feeling of finding myself completely lost amongst the words of her stories. She is the kind of author that brings her own unique approach to her characters and their journeys that she takes us on through her storytelling that manages to wholeheartedly captivate every inch of my soul. The stories in the North Haven University series have become an addiction of mine over the past few months and I just can't get enough of these characters.

Carter Trayland and Tyeler Morgan brought on all the angsty moments that I have been craving since getting to know her in the previous book in this standalone series. Tyeler is a badass heroine and she is now my number one spirt animal. She has had to fight her entire life and my heart went out to her. I legit wish I had her give no sh*t confidence and attitude. She gives me LIFE and is without a doubt the PERFECT match for our boy Carter. He definitely needed a woman like her to put him in his place. AND hell yes did she put him in his place and she made him fight for her every freaking step of the way. The angst and chemistry between these two souls was EVERYTHING!

Wreck My Plans might just be my favorite Kelsey Clayton book to date and honestly I'm not sure if these two will EVER be replaced in my heart. Their intense love story was full of unexpected twists and I was left intrigued by the drama that surrounded them time and time again. These two did NOT have an easy journey towards happily ever after, but I was LIVING for every second of it. There are some heartbreaking moments that will have you clutching your heart from the aches forming in your chest and leave you utterly breathless. These two have an epic love story that will have you inhaling all the words in a matter of hours because it will be impossible to put down.

Now I cannot wait to get my hands on the final release in this standalone series and I am already counting down the days because of that shock-worthy ending that Kelsey Clayton through in! She sure knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats!

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series: north haven university #3
genres/tropes: new adult, enemies to lovers
release date: march 18, 2021