Welcome to Crestwood University...
Where smiles conceal secrets.
Gossip runs rampant.
And everyone hides the truth.

Sophia Galloway has no idea what she’s walking
into when she transfers to Crestwood University.
Returning to Texas was her only goal.
But nothing could prepare her for stepping foot
on a campus where no one is what they seem.
In a world where frat guys think they can do no wrong.
And sorority presidents think they run the show.
Sophia’s about to find out what happens when she
unknowingly crosses the wrong guy,
pisses off the wrong sorority sister,
and refuses to play by anyone else’s rules.

A life will be lost.
Lies will be told.
Hearts will be broken.
And secrets...well secrets are meant to be revealed.

Is there anyone she can trust?

you're the reason

by j. nathan

J. Nathan is a one-click author of mine and her newest release, You're the Reason, is one of my FAVORITE reads of hers with those unexpected twists that had me guessing the ENTIRE time and that swoon-worthy romance that captivated my heart.

This story is a new adult contemporary romance with the perfect dash of suspense and mystery that will have your eyes glued to your reading device as you inhale all of the words. There was a lot to LOVE about this story and there is so much that I want to say, but yet at the same time I don't want to give away TOO MUCH since you need to experience the thrill of these surprises first hand. Let's just say you won't see those twists coming and will have that OMFG moment when it all comes together in the end and things FINALLY fully make sense.

Sophia and Chase's chemistry was instantly evident but they sure made us feel every second of that slow burn romance. One minute Chase was all sweet and charming and in the next all I wanted to do was smack some sense into him because Sophie was the one. Their romance was absolutely perfect and I adored the banter between our two leads. Their story had me smiling wide with giddiness and on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I just couldn't get enough of them and did not put this one down until I reached the end...without a doubt this needs to be a one-sitting read because you won't be able to stop until you get ALL the answers!

You're the Reason is slightly different than J. Nathan's past releases, but still gives you all the feels you expect when you pick up one of her books! I strongly encourage you all to pick up this book today!

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series: standalone
genres: new adult, contemporary romance
release date: june 24, 2020