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reviewing policy

welcome authors


Thank you so much for visiting my “Review Policy” page. I’d like to start off by thanking you for taking an interest in approaching me for a review request! I know that reaching out to bloggers to review your books can be difficult, but I am here to make things less complicated! If you are interested in me reviewing your book, please send me an email at, with the subject line WGAH REVIEW REQUEST!

preferred tropes/formats


I am generally adventurous and love discovering new genres, but due to my hectic schedule, ARCs and my constantly growing TBR list, I have decided to narrow down my preferred genre down to romance. So, if your book falls into one of these tropes, please fill free to send me a request via email and I will personally respond to each one as soon as possible!


  • Forbidden/Taboo

  • M/M

  • Sports

  • Second Chance

  • Bully

  • Musician

  • College


  • ebooks (PDF & mobi)

  • paperback

  • hardcover

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